Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why I don't like intarsia

I've cast on the sleeve for the Chinese Lanterns and I remembered why I don't like intarsia. When I was knitting the cardigan originally it was at this point I decided a single row of lanterns would be better!

I'm using the new yarn I got from Uncommon Threads. The colour is not a bad match: Old yarn on bottom, new yarn on top.

I actually had to angle the knitting in the light to show the colour difference, but there is quite a big difference in the texture of the yarn. I dont know if Rowan changed the base yarn for Cotton Glace in the last 15 years, or the original yarn 'softened' while stored. The old yarn is considerably softer and seems thicker than the new yarn. I'm hoping that a wash once the cardigan is finished will hide some of this difference. Otherwise I will need to keep moving my arms to disguise the effect.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure cotton glace did undergo a change - the old yarn that I have is wound on foam centres, and is like a soft cotton - it was remarketed in a different type of ball and I think became more like a mercerised cotton.

Alison said...

My old yarn is not wound on the foam - I remember those too - but I think you are right that the new stuff feels more like a mercerised cotton. Hope the wash works!

Unknown said...

I get in a tangle with intarsia too but I do love the patterns. That is a very pretty shade of blue.