Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Cabin transformation - first steps

When we bought the cabin one of my least favourite parts was the bathroom: it was dingy and cramped with an old top-loading washing machine and electric dryer taking up a lot of the room. The dryer also boasted a long power cord draped across the room.

The washer and dryer were functional - but only just.  By December we noticed that the dryer was running very hot and was I not confident that it would not combust with all our clothes one day. We replaced the laundry equipment with a stacking front-loading washing machine. (Also energy efficient and low water use).  We also had an extractor fan installed to stop the dampness of an unventilated bathroom, and bought an electric towel rail, to warm up an unheated bathroom!

After all this expenditure I thought that the very least I could do was invest in a gallon of paint. This nice sunshine yellow is a pearl finish, so rather shiny (shinier than eggshell) but ideal for a bathroom.  The woodwork and the cabinets are in a white gloss.  I stayed at the cabin one day over the winter break while everyone else went to try to ski on the minimal snow. 

I was so delighted with the results: how instantly more cheerful the room looks, that I rushed upstairs to paint the tiny bathroom as well.

You can see from the photograph how very tiny the bathroom is: luckily neither Nigel nor I have particularly long legs!  Hanging on the wall is a leftover of the Kath Kidston bunting that I made for Gill for Christmas: I have a little in the bathroom and a little more on the bedroom wall and it makes a very cheery decoration.