Friday, June 01, 2007

Estonian Garden Stole on the needles

I've been knitting on the Estonian Garden Stole a bit. Once I got going the pattern was easy to memorise so i'm whipping along with it. 7 repeats done, 34 to go before I get to the borders.

I really love the yarn; its a handpainted 100% silk, and contrary to my usual selection of colours, its really quite muted. The predominant colour is an olive green, but in photos the complementary navy seems to show more.

I'm using my new knitpicks Options needles. I didnt buy the entire set, just cords and the ends that I needed for this project. I actually prefer these to my Addis because the cord is very soft and the points are very pointy which is good for the lace work. I have not tried the new Addis for lace, but it seems like the Knitpicks needles are hard to beat, especially at this price. The join, even on this adaptable needle, is completely smooth.

My only concern has been whether they are as durable as Addis. One of the needles I was using for my secret knitting project broke last week. It snapped off the cord at the join and I guess it might have happened when I was putting the knitting into my bag. I called Knitpicks and a new needles arrived in 3 days, so the customer service is excellent.

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