Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Green socks

The green cotton anklets are finally finished. I wanted some close fitting socks to wear with my trainers and these fit the bill.

The yarn is an elasticated cotton boucle, and the finished product is really nice, soft and stretchy enough to provide a close fit. However, I really didnt enjoy knitting it - I found the stretchy-ness of the yarn made it hard for me to maintain tension while knitting and it really messed with my knitting style. No more cotton socks for me!

The yarn came from Greenwood Fibreworks through Etsy, but I cant find a link to her. She does lovely hand-dyed yarns and this chartreuse colour is very pretty 'in the flesh'; intense green with yellowy undertones. As usual, an adaptation of my default sock pattern. I used to have some socks with a slight ruffle at the ribbing so I cast on very loosely to try to recreate that. I think that maybe a 1:1 rib might have been better for such short socks.

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