Monday, June 25, 2007

My favourite sweaters* First Place

Christina and I were talking about our favourite knitted items from the past, and since I have no current knitting to share I will show my old-time favourites.

First place goes to what was my first complex knitted item. I think I started with some plain stockinette sweaters (not scarves or hats oddly). Then in 1981 when I started at University I embarked on a Phildar pattern of houndstooth in yellow and blue mohair. I knitted it on 2mm needles (US 0) and it took me forever, but I wore it to death. The cardigan is no more, but I do still have the pattern.

I bought the pattern and all the yarn at the Phildar shop in Liverpool, in the days when Phildar had outlets in the UK, my friend Ingrid helped me chose it. Looking back I cant belive that I tried such a complex pattern as such a novice knitter, but I'm a great believer in desire as a motivator, and I wanted that cardigan.

* Which reminds me of Gill's favourite band of the 80s 'Haircut 100'!

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