Saturday, July 05, 2008

Gaithersburg socks

I was in Gaithersburg last week for a class. As usual I knitted during the class (after checking with the teacher). I find that the automatic manual action of knitting focusses my mind on the topic; I suffer less from drifting attention when I'm knitting. I needed the focus as the class was quite hard work at time.

Anyway - the results:

The socks are for Nigel. Knitted to the usual recipe in a 3x1 rib. The wool is Regia in the Kaffe Fassett colour range. Colour is 4257. Its great sock wool: 75% superwash wool/25% nylon - machine washable and durable - but still soft, especially after washing. I'm also very taken with the colours which are lively without being lurid....that Kaffe knows his colours!

These socks are for Izhar who was responsible for much of the class. Again, the usual recipe, but this time in a simple stockinette so as not to overwhelm the pattern. The yarn is Schoeller & Stahl Fortissima colori in shade 4006. Its a 6-ply so a little thicker than the usual, but not so thick that you could not wear shoes or boots with them. Again a machine-washable wool and polyamid blend.

So, not only a worthwhile class, but a week of productive knitting too. However, I took River Rock with me planning to knit on that in the evenings, but with email and dinner I did not a single stitch on it all week.

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