Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lambtown USA

Yesterday we went to Dixon, CA to attend Lambtown 2008. It's a small-town agricultural show in a rural area. Its a 2-hour drive from us, but made a nice day out.

We got to see some of the sheep entered in the competitions: Here Finlay and Adam quiz the owner of these lovely St Croix sheep. These dont need shearing as their fleece falls out in the summer - a side-effect of living in the caribbean I suppose.

Here Finlay poses with some tired Jacob's sheep.

We spent some time watching the sheepdog trials, and talked afterwards to the woman competing with this dog. Her dog was 10 and approaching retirement - the dog was enjoying a bucket of ice cubes while we chatted.

There was also an angora rabbit competition. This is a thistledown breed...I think you can see why. One of the other breeders let the boys pet some baby rabbits.

I had a little wander around the yarn/fiber shed and made a few small purchases, including some alpaca yarn from an alpaca called Fernando... I talked to the breeder...its nice to know exactly where your yarn comes from!

We had a great day out - managed to eat some lamb (the boys would not!) and headed home for a swim. The central valley was a mild 93 degrees when we left - usually I think the temperature is a good 10 degrees warmer this time of year so we were very lucky to meet such a mild day.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really jealous - though I had a sheep related day as well. And I don't envy you the heat, despite it being cooler than usual!