Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th July

We spent the 4th July holiday at Portola State Park. I'm so glad that this park, which was under threat of closure due to state funding cuts, has managed to remain open. It's my absolutely favourite place to camp; the sites are not too crowded, and the park is not crowded. It's so peaceful to sit out under the redwoods, especially when the bay area is hot, the redwoods are cool, even cold at night.

There is a creek running through the park which provides plenty of opportunity for exploration. I have never seen Pescadero Creek so low - we saw only tiny fish - presumably the larger ones can't get up stream this far.

We did, however, observe the ancient American tradition of barbequeing...

...nice bottle of red, couple of steaks, and sausages for those who prefer them, followed, of course, by smores!

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