Monday, June 22, 2009


This weekend marked the second library knitting group retreat. We went again to the Casa Maria convent and spent the day in their Garden Room. (Below Kerstin, Rochelle, and Pam).
Casa Maria is, I believe, a retirement home for nuns, and it's a peaceful spot in the hills above LG. (Below Pam, Diane (our fearless leader!), Carol, and LuGene).

We talked, swapped yarn, and worked on our various knitting projects. I took my wheel and spun for hours. (Below: Maria, Cheryl, Suzanne, and Billie).

Most of the library knitters have jobs, families, or both, and so a day spent doing nothing but our hobby is extremely relaxing. The time flew past!

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yarnivorous said...

oooh, you've been having lots of fun by the looks of it! And the spinning bug has taken a strong hold I see :-)