Saturday, June 06, 2009

Recession Kate

I dont have a proper Lazy Kate for my wheel, the bobbin holders on the front are not tensioned, so I made one based on one I saw somewhere on the internet (sorry to whoever thought this up because I cant remember where I saw it!).

This is made from a box with 2 knitting needles. I created a tensioner from a piece of string with a bulldog clip, however this picture shows the 'recession bobbins' that I was using for the spindle so I didnt need any further tensioning.

I did ask Nigel to make me a kate from wood dowels, but frankly, this one seems to work pretty well!


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

I have a 'regular' lazy Kate but I also have one of those - made from a shoebox. Very handy!

yarnivorous said...

I used a box kate when I first moved to Colorado. The one Nathan made arrived with our stuff. It is made of two slabs of sanded wood held apart with four bits of sanded garden stake and dowels with knobs made of garden stake. It works really well!