Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In a jam

Our apricot tree has suddenly fruited, which means that we have buckets of apricots, but none left on the tree!

So on Sunday morning, before I even got dressed*, I made some jam.

I used a very simple recipe of 2lb apricots, 2lb sugar, and the juice of a lemon. I didn't bother extracting kernels like you are supposed to for apricot jam - because I don't like having to extract them when I spread the jam on my bread.

*I wanted to do it before it got hot - but it never got very hot which was rather nice!


alce said...

Yum! I'll be doing the same thing after I pick apricots on Saturday.

Christina said...

That sounds wonderful - my French Apricot Jam lacked flavour - and I did do the kernel thing - what's it supposed to do for you?
I ate them with the jam - it made up for the neutral taste.

Alison said...

The kernels are supposed to add an almond-like flavour to the jam. It's traditional for apricot jam I think to include the kernels, but I just could not be bothered.