Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slippers for All

I have been meaning to make these felted clogs for a while. I knitted them up well before Christmas, but only recently got around to felting them. The orange is Cascade 220 Quatro that I bought in the Rug and Yarn hut closing sale. The soles are left-over Brown Sheep.

The grey slippers are cascade 220 left over from my Loppem cardi, with the red trim being cascade 220 left over from the Christmas stockings (2 years ago).

The orange were intended for me, but my front loader washing machine usually requires things to run through twice before they shrink to the idea size. Because I knitted these on smaller needles than the pattern calls for (because I could not find my 11mm needles) I just tried one wash cycle. While the slippers were drying they were snaffled...and fit Nigel just fine.

Adam's slippers came out a good size after one cycle. I made patterns on the soles with fabric paint for better traction.

As soon as Adam was wearing his new slippers I immediately received a request for some from Finlay (although he has slippers that fit at the moment - so I have a little breathing room), and of course I have to still knit some for myself.

Edited to add that the pattern is Bev Galeskas' Felted Clogs. There are separate patterns for the adult and child sizes - so I used both versions for these slippers. I knitted adult medium in the orange, and child medium in the grey.

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Lori said...

Those look great! What pattern did you use?