Sunday, January 18, 2009

Extreme knitting...or knitting for extremities?

I finished a couple of small projects this week, and finally took photos of some others. The week I finished the legwarmers (during a 3-day teleconference). They came out pretty nicely, but I have discovered a couple of things about alpaca: it has no stretch, and I am allergic to it!

The pattern is the legwarmers from Leigh Radford's 'One Skein' and the yarn is Alpaca Sox. I knitted these at a looser tension than you would for socks, but I cannot imagine that these would make good socks. The rib and lace portions of the legwarmer immediately stretched out so the legwarmers drooped. The pattern calls for ribbon around the tops if you do not want a slouchy look.
I also knitted a quick hat for Nigel.
I used Christina's free pattern. The wool is Lang Tweed which I bought last year in Murphys. I was disappointed on our last trip to see that the wool shop is gone. The hat took 2 balls and the fisherman's rib gives a light squishy fabric. The double band makes it a warm hat - but since the temperature here has been 75 degrees this weekend - there has not yet been any opportunity to wear it.
This item, however, has already seen heavy duty in a Sierra snowstorm.
I bought a skein of Classic Elite Stormy, a cashmere tweed yarn, to knit a neckwarmer for Nigel for Christmas. I had such problems with the pattern I had chosen that in the end I just gave up and knitted a plain tube. The tweedy yarn however looks pretty nice just in stockinette. Nigel wore it in our trip to Bear Valley and confirmed that it was warm and toasty.

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