Monday, January 05, 2009

A crafty New Year to you

As part of our vacation we received a request for a "chill out day". The boys received some crafty gifts and so we put them to use.

Finlay received a Swirl Master set: this is basically a battery operated spinning wheel onto which you mount cardboard, then drop paint onto the spinning surface. It was very entertaining and produced a variety of (messy) paint effects.

Adam received a Revell model kit of a Hurricane and decided that he was able to build and paint it himself. It worked out pretty well and took him almost all day to finish. When it's dry he wants to hang it on his bedroom ceiling along with all his big lego models.

Tip for tall visitors to our house: be careful when walking around Adam's room!

I also did a little crafting as I finished Finlay's vest. He requested this when we went to Purlescence yarns in Sunnyvale to buy wool for Nigel's retrofit jacket. There was a green vest on display and F asked if I could make him one. Here it is, exactly as requested.

It's my own pattern knitted in Cascade 220 paints, which I bought in Purlescence at the time, and Cascade 220 Heathers in blue that came from Yarndogs and which was intended for slippers. He was very pleased with it, however I'm not sure how sensible it was knitting something for Finlay out of handwash-only yarn!!

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