Friday, January 16, 2009

2008 Knitting Round-up

A bit late with the knitting round-up. Apparently 2008 was a productive year, especially for sweaters for me.

I managed to knit 7 sweaters, 6 of them for me. This year's sweater haul has actually been moderately successful - with the Hourglass sweater, the Ribby Cardi, and Klaralund all getting a lot of wear. I think I like the Klaralund sweater best:

I have churned out 3 pairs of mittens, 2 scarves, and 2 neckwarmers, 14 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of slippers, and 5 hats. Special mention has to go to the 3 yoda hats I knitted from my own pattern.
Incidentally I get a disproportionate amount of traffic to the blog from people searching for knitted yoda hats. Who knew?

My favourite finished item of 2008 has to be my Lizard Ridge blanket.
It's also the largest item I have ever knitted. Its firmly esconced in my living room where the boys snuggle under it in the early hours of the morning when they get up and make a bee-line to the cartoon channel!
I don't think I actually spend much time knitting - I'm quite a quick knitter - but basically I only knit when I am already doing something else; like watching TV or listening to phone calls. I guess the truth must be that I watch an awful lot of television!


alce said...

I love the Lizard Ridge.

And you should totally write up the Yoda hat pattern and publish it on Ravelry, even for free.

yarnivorous said...

Lizard Ridge is such a fab pattern and yours looks great :-) You made a lot of sweaters and socks for someone who works and has kids!
Hope you are getting over this bug!