Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ready for Christmas

I was thinking recently of the effect of having children at Christmas.
Here is our tree in all it's tasteful glory. At the bottom are a load of playmobil ornaments. At the top are the few glass ornaments that I dare risk. If you look carefully you can see many home-made decorations including last year's paper snowmen and angels chains.

When we were growing up our tree always had an assortment of child-made ornaments. Once I moved out from home and had my own tree I had extremely 'tasteful' trees with white lights and ornaments with a colour scheme. Now I've reverted to the trees of my childhood - and funnily enough I like the effect better.

I've noticed a similar progression with my cake decoration. When I first starting baking my own cake I made cakes with elegant pared-down decorations...smooth fondant icing, silver draghees, marzipan holly leaves (not all at the same time).

Now my cake looks like the snow scene cakes that I remember Nana making - I have a couple of the decorations which used to be on the cakes when i was small...the snowbaby and the tree. It seems now as this is what a Christmas cake 'should' look like and funny that I ever thought otherwise.

The cake photo taken before someone (F) made a large thumbprint in the icing!

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