Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Any dream will do!

OK - I promise this is the last of the corny lyric post titles! But I do feel like Joseph in this cardigan!

This is the completed Tithe. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I lengthened the body by 2" and the sleeves to full length. I used Mary's seaming technique and the seams are way better than any other garment I have previously made.

It took 9 balls of the Silk Garden. The result is very warm and surprisingly wearable. I had wondered about it needing a closure, but it seems to stay closed pretty easily.

My only issue is that I made the large size, and it's a bit too large for me, especially on the shoulders. I think washing it will even up the texture - and I haven't blocked the garment yet. In the meantime I thought I'd try a 'styled' pose to hide the large shoulders...

Actually I think it looks even bigger sideways on...I guess I shouldn't quit my job just yet.

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