Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boxing Day

The day after Christmas is known as Boxing Day in the UK. There are many explanations of where the name derives - but it is a holiday like Christmas day. In the US the day after Christmas is becoming a peak shopping day, and is a working-day for many. We try to keep some of the UK Christmas traditions going - one of which is a walk on Boxing Day.

This year we went to Seacliff State Beach.

It is known for the concrete ship "Palo Alto" which was built as a tanker during the first war, concrete being an alternative to wooden ships. It was never used as a tanker, but was moored at Seacliff in the 1930s as a 'pleasure ship' with a ballroom, and indoor swimming pool. It broke up after a couple of years and has been at Seacliff ever since as a wreck and popular fishing spot. One thing that entertained me in the little visitor center was a photo of the ship from 1958 with a sign saying "To preserve the pristine nature of the ship please throw all refuse overboard"!! Times have certainly changed.

The visitor center had some interesting exhibits including a children's touch pool and a baby swell shark that they had hatched from an egg (not in the touch pool!).

As we walked along the beach we found this sandman:

The boys had to make one of thier own:

Much of the rest of the USA is blanketed in snow - but I guess here in Northern California children need to find other alternatives to snowmen.

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