Monday, December 10, 2007

Festive spirit

I mentioned that last week I put up my Christmas decorations outside and I wanted to share the beauty and joy...and my immense good taste (Gill thinks living next door to us is like being neighbours of the Griswolds).

Here are my reindeer - the big one nods it's head. They are getting a bit elderly and I had to repair the larger one with a new string of lights. I could only get green lights so it looks somewhat Heath-Robinson now.

For the full effect - see the reindeer in their natural setting. This weekend we went to get our tree. We went to Castle Rock Tree farm as usual and chose ourselves a nice tree.

As usual we chose what we thought was a small tree and then had to cut it to get it into the house. It seems odd to be posting photos of Christmas decorations in brilliant sunshine when large parts of the US are under feet of snow or ice. It has been cold here - but not coat-hat-and-scarf cold...just handknit sweater cold.

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