Saturday, September 30, 2006

New look

I just finished this scarf for Nancy, its a Christmas present, but since she does not read the blog I am safe in posting it. Also, I'm really pleased with it!

The pattern is Child's Rainbow Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (beginning to think I've actually got my money's worth from that book!). It basically a mistake rib pattern knitted in a 2-row stripe. The yarn is of course Noro, in this case Kureyon in colours 166 and 139. I always like the beautiful colours of Noro, but really not the sort of thing you need a whole sweater in, but a scarf is just perfect...might have to knit one for myself.

I too have a new look - here looking both tired and startled. Photo by Adam. The sweater is one I knitted last summer; Carla by Rowan in Rowan tape. Hair by Christina at 5-Color Cowboy.


Anonymous said...

I like the hair, it suits you and you dont look like a boy despite what Adam says! Nancy likes it but wasnt keen on the brown material for the dress!

Anonymous said...

I deny all knowledge of the hair - I can't believe you know someone else called Christina who does your hair! ... and it seems Nancy does read your blog....
The Noro yarn is lovely - I am the sort of person who would knit a whole sweater from it (and then probably regret it).
Adam has a nice touch with the camera - potential lucrative career.