Thursday, September 28, 2006

The dress revisited

Last night we went to a fundraising BBQ at Adam's school, it was pretty early so by 7:30 having eaten and both boys in bed I had some time...

So, I unpicked the tent and remade it. Here I am modeling it in the garden with my new boots. If I look slightly flushed its because it was 80 degrees and sunny.

The pattern is Simplicity 4072. The fabric is cord from JoAnns. I was not planning to make a cord dress, as the style would not really lend itself to such a heavy fabric, but it really was the only material I liked at all in JoAnns. The red cord has some stretch which was good for the facings and they are nice and smooth. Made up, I love the fabric as the cord is very fine and actually not too bulky, and I am really pleased with the colour combination.

I added a 3" panel above the waist. Because the pattern is so busy you can hardly see the modification and it looks a lot better, although it took me a long time to get the fit correct at the front and back. As pointed out by the helpful commenters on dress a day I should have lengthened the bodice in the first place. I should remember that hoping that a short bodice will fit is not going to be enough next time! Actually, next time I think I'm just going to buy the dress from Boden...altho mine cost $27 rather than $128.

I would say that I think it looks better in the flesh than in the photo which makes me look very busty...but I suppose the camera does not lie. It was never going to be the most flattering style for anyone with a bust, I had also planned to make long sleeves rather than the kimono sleeves, but again, didnt have enough material (due to incorrectly reading the fabric requirements).

Anyway it will be a nice warm dress for the winter when it comes and another option instead of jeans!

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