Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Small projects

I like to have multiple knitting projects on the go at any time; usually something complicated (currently my orange & pink lace shawl), something mindless for when I am watching TV or listening to a conference call (just finished large secret project), and something small for knitting in the car, or at the park.

Here are a couple of my small projects:

Nigel requested these handwarmers to wear under his cycling gloves. They are knitted in Regia silk, a sock yarn with wool, silk and nylon, so they are both warm and light. I used the pattern from Last Minute Knitted gifts that I had previously knitted for myself.

This little outfit is for my friend Alison's baby which is due on Friday. I think I'm pretty safe posting it now as I'm pretty sure Alison doesnt read the blog. The pattern is a combination of several baby patterns Ive got. Its knitted in Cascade 220 Superwash. The little suit is from the UK.

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Anonymous said...

Dress looks nice and I can believe it looks even better in the flesh. And the 100 dollar saving well worth the effort.
Your friends (and I rashly include myself in that number) are very lucky to have such lovely gifts from you. It is so nice to make and give (at least I hope that's also what you think when Christmas comes).