Friday, October 06, 2006


Yesterday I felt just completely drained so spent most of the afternoon sleeping, knitting, and listening to my favourite podcast knittyd and the city.

The whole podcast thing seems to have really taken off in the online knitting community. Because anyone can make a podcast with minimal hardware and investment, its rather like public access cable TV. In fact Christina and Wendy (Knittyd and the city) are rather like Wayne's World. This is a positive thing - its like listening to 2 garrulous friends talking about their knitting, wool, mistakes they have made - in fact so much so that I immediately had to call my garrulous friend and talk about knitting.

This is the state of the flower basket shawl so far - I just have the edging to do so should finish this weekend.

The colours look rather subdued in this picture - in reality it's much more lurid than this.

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