Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kerstin hat

When Kerstin looked after my spinning wheel last year (before she bought her own - haha) she gave me a bump of hand-dyed fiber.

I spun it into an aran weight 2 ply. I just split the bump into 2 equal lengths and didn't make any effort to match the colours.

I decided to use Kerstin's Almost Pattern for an Earflap hat . I did a little ripping back: first time the crown came out too large so I frogged an inch or so, and I also added a couple of purl bands to highlight the yellow section that randomly came out as I finished the crown. I didn't use the stitch pattern on the ear flaps as I decided the hat was lively enough. I finished it with a couple of pom poms.

Adam agreed to model the hat as the photo taken of me in it was so terrible! He now wants one similar - but without pom poms. He does, however, want the i-cord dangly things.

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