Thursday, January 06, 2011

December round-up: Christmas

Christmas 2010 was full of some of our now traditional activities:

The LG Christmas Parade with the scouts in the go-carts kicked-off the season. Fin and Carter:

Adam and Jacob:

The only sad part of the parade is that we no longer get to watch the other entries - but the boys apparently get so much fun out of being in the parade their mother has to make that sacrifice!

We also went up to Castle Rock Tree Farm to cut our Christmas tree. This year the boys did the cutting themselves.

We all decorated the tree - which is why all the fragile glass ornaments are at the top and the lego and playmobil ones around the bottom.

Here is the tree on Christmas Eve. Christmas day we had our usual dinner - I notice here that our nice reindeer Christmas china is hardly noticeable, yet the pyrex jug is front and center. Don't ask me about the pudding...

I just want to clarify that although Adam looks like he is brandishing a beer bottle, it is, root beer. After dinner the boys played with their presents.

Boxing Day is not observed here in the USA, but Nigel marked the day with the tradition of a Boxing Day swim!

Finally, for Gill, our outside decorations. I think much more restrained than in past years, I might even say tasteful!

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