Saturday, April 19, 2008

An un-Californian activity...

When I first moved to the USA I bought with me a rotary clothes line - they were not freely available here, and I thought I would continue to do what I had always done to dry my clothes and use an outside line.

The arrival of children and convenience of a dryer seduced me away from my line and it went into the shed a few years ago.

Following a conversation with Joyce I decided to resurrect my line and have started using it again.

Not only do the clothes dry quickly, but they smell so much nicer, and I get that nice smug feeling of using less power. Why smug? Because here in Californina, despite perfect weather for drying clothes outside, almost no-one does it. Some cities have ordinances prohibiting drying clothes outside - for all I know LG does, it is that sort of place (my line is happily out of sight). Certainly using the dryer is easier, and the clothes require less ironing (or no ironing if you are not fussy), but the 10 minutes I spend hanging out or taking in the line is a nice break in the cool morning or evening, and makes me feel like a 'good housekeeper'...goodness knows nothing much else in my house makes me feel like that!!


Jasmine said...

I am so envious. I used to air dry cloth on lines when we had a house back in NY. This is one thing that makes me wish we have a back yard so I can do that again.

Lisa said...

Good for you!!