Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kusha Kusha

I finished knitting the Kusha Kusha scarf. This is Habu kit 78 which includes 2 yarns: a fine merino (orange) and a stainless steel and silk yarn (grey). I bought the kit at Habu in New York in February.

I cannot say that knitting this was a pleasureable experience; the steel yarn was, unsurprisingly, rather harsh and dried out my fingers, although not actually hard to knit with.

The effect of the two yarns knit together is interesting and gives a texture and depth of colour that would be be achieved with a single yarn. The stainless steel yarn has a memory and a sculptural quality, but the overall fabric really has a nice drape.

The scarf is a short length, as specified in the pattern, but I knitted until I ran out of the steel yarn, I have some of the orange left. The intention is to lightly felt the scarf but I have not yet done so and may not as I like the current light fabric. I also dont think I want it any shorter.

Nigel thinks it looks rather military surplus and has appropriated the scarf for his own use.

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yarnivorous said...

The scarf does have a nice drape! Gosh hubby is a dude and a half ;-)
Your dad really does like the jumper - he is wearing it in every pic he is in :-)