Sunday, March 30, 2008

The final unveiling

For many months in 2006 and 2007 I was working on a large knitting project. Although lots of people saw me knitting it, the item didn't appear on the blog because the intended recipient is an avid reader of Ferretworld: my father. I finished the sweater late in 2007 but wanted to wait to give the sweater to my father in person. They just arrived to visit us and so I was able to hand over the guernsey.

Here he is modelling the finished garment:

It's a guernsey sweater knitting according to the Caister Guernsey pattern in "Knitting Traditional Sweaters" by Madelaine Weston.

Christina and I both knitted guernsey sweaters as part of a 2-person knitalong. The interminable progress of the knitting is documented at Knitalong including my plans to knit my father's initials into his sweater.

I was pleased when i had finished the sweater - it was a challenge of my knitting abilities, and I was quite happy with the results when I packed it away in December. I did also have a small concern that it might not fit well as the sizing was based on secret measurements taken by my mother.

However, not only does it fit really well, but in the 5 days since he received it my father has not removed the guernsey which is very gratifying...almost gratifying enough for me to knit another...almost!


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Wow! That looks great on him! Nice work. :)

yarnivorous said...

Nothing like a well-appreciated (and well-made) knit eh? It looks great on you dad :-)