Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Lurid knitting

I have finished the sleeves of my ribby cardi and cast on the the body...

and I don't like it.

I selected the purple colour for the body because it picks up one of the colours in the handpainted yarn. However, the impression of the sleeves is of a pinky-orange colour and that, together with the purple just doesnt look nice to me. I think I may go back to my original plan of dark brown for the body, but in the mean time I will just set it aside and knit my green jacket.

Who knows - maybe after an infusion of bright pea green the purple/orange combo won't seem so bad!

Edited to add: When I got my knitting out in daylight to take the photo, it didnt seem so lurid as under artificial lights. That maybe OK as long as I plan to wear the cardigan in daylight.

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Anonymous said...

In the photo the colour match looks really good.