Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Bunnies

To celebrate Easter here is a link to a pattern I cobbled together last year for Nancy.

Nancy had worn out a much-loved pair of crochet bunny slippers and I tried to recreate them. I started with a Lion Brand pattern, but modified it for better fit and shape (but I did keep the bunny face and ears the same). I used these Knitpicks suede slipper bottoms. You could use fabric paint to make non-slip bumps on the bottom too if you like.

They turned out pretty well in the end (although one of my 'swatch' versions fitted me), and Nancy was pleased.

Christina wrote up the pattern from my notes and test knit it. I'm linking to the pattern again for those folks who find this blog searching for "bunny slippers"... aplogies to those who arrive searching for ferret-related stuff!

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