Monday, March 10, 2008

On the needles: Lady of the Lake

Well, the Ribby Cardi is in timeout - waiting for me to go to the wool shop in daylight to match a new colour for the body. Advice from my knitting group (Thanks Mary!) has persuaded me that I am never going to be happy with the purple and I should look for a colour that better matches the overall pink/orange tones of the sleeves.

So to cheer myself up I cast on the Lady of the Lake jacket.

The colour is lovely and the yarn is knitting into a light yet textured knit. The jacket is knit from two yarns: and aran weight and a fine boucle.

I had assumed the yarns were knitted together, but on receiving the pattern I realized that it was knit in a most unusual way: knitting each row with each yarn, with a 4 row repeat, the boucle is knit every alt row and the aran k1p1 every alt row. The effect is terrific and because its knit on 7mm needles its growing quickly.

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alce said...

I agree; that looks like a beautiful fabric!