Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's madness I tell you...

These are the latest in my quest to clothe my entire family in hand-knit socks. They are the usual pattern knit in Socks that Rock Lightweight in the Lunasea colour.

They are for my mother who requested thinner socks for her walking boots - these are pretty fine weight, but if they dont fit well then I will appropriate them as they fit me. There is no truth in the suggestion that I chose this yarn for mammie based on it's name (lunasea=lunacy?).

I knitted these with my lantern moon dpns (2mm) - I love these needles; the smooth wood makes knitting swift, but there is enough 'grab' that I dont typically drop them out of my knitting. However, there is always a first time and I recently lost a needles while knitting at the school play. I substituted a crystal palace bamboo needle (2nd favourite) and continued.

Then it occurred to me that since Lantern Moon will replace broken needles, they might sell me a single needle (these run about $20 for the set so I didnt really want to buy a whole set if not necessary) so I called their customer service line. Anyway not only did they replace my lost needle free of charge, but they also sent me a spare. I dont think I will buy any other brand of wooden needles again!

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