Monday, April 30, 2007

A houseful...

Our guests arrived and we have been busy. Busy with bike rides, barbeques, shopping, and of course swimming. The children all seem to be getting on, most of the time at least, and here shown playing in the fountain in the Plaza.

L-R: Nancy, Adam, and Finlay. Ned of course too small to join in yet. He does not, however, consider that he is too small to join in with the soccer, lego, or other potentially dangerous activities!
The weather co-operated with a week of glorious sunshine. This has disappeared (temporarily I hope) behind a veil of cloud.

There has been a little knitting: more socks, in this case big black socks for Ms Hemstreet's son.

My usual sock recipe extended to fit size 11 feet in boots. I researched that boot socks must be at least 12" tall. The sock on the right is one of my own, for scale. These were knitted from Regia Silk with reinforcing thread on the heels. The Regia Silk is lovely to knit with and makes a really soft sock.

I consider that knitting these socks was an anti-war effort - in the spirit that we can support individuals without being in support of the war. I had planned to knit for Socks for Soldiers but when I heard that Eric was headed for Iraq it seemed more sensible to knit for someone specific. Anyway, I hope that he can wear them.

My lace knitting project is on hold as I can't knit that and talk at the same time!

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