Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nancys socks

I knitted these socks for my canadian friend Nancy. It is my old faithful generic sock pattern. The wool is Knitpicks Simple Stripes, now discontinued.

I love the colour of this yarn, and its superwash wool reinforced with some nylon, which is just about perfect for socks. Its not terribly soft, but does soften with washing. But, and this is a big but, Knitpicks colour management is lousy. Both times I have knitted with Simple Stripes I had had problems with the colour sequence - Ned's sweater used 3 balls, one of which was in reverse sequence. This yarn was even worse, one of the balls had a break in the yarn, a large knot, and then the colours started again in the reverse sequence! I had to rewind the ball to preserve the stripes and as you see, I did make an error where I re-joined. I hope Nancy likes the socks anyway, but I dont think I will buy Simple stripes again!

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Anonymous said...

Can't see any error - and they look lovely - sorry to hear the yarn is discontinued - although from the sounds of the problems, maybe a good thing I will be prevented from trying anything with it!