Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ferretworld goes to the beach

We just had a trip to the beach for Spring Break. We spent a few days in Cambria at Pelican Cottage . Just down the hill were several wonderful bluff-top walks with lots of rock pools.
We went to Cayucos beach and walked along the long beach towards Morro Rock.
There was more rock pool exploring.
We went to San Simeon beach for Adam to try out his new Boogie Board. He spent his saved pocket money on this mini board, but there was some apprehension before he actually went into the water...
He had a great time and was very pleased with himself. As you can see the waves were pretty big. At one point Nigel got knocked off his feet by a 10' wave which was quite spectacular - but luckily the boys were not with him at that moment.
Finlay of course refused to go into the water - but entertained himself pretty happily.

We had a lovely time and left wishing we could stay - which is always the best way to end a vacation.

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Anonymous said...

How lovely to see you all in Cambria. I love it there, although I have never stopped for the beach. Our American friend Louise amused me by saying "you will love it there - it's just like England"; then I was even more amused by the comparison once I had been there...
I am surprised Finlay does not go into the water; when he was learning to swim he was so gung ho (I can swim) I thought he would drown.