Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Something green

Another completed item. I finished my green cardigan (aka the big green booger). Its the 'Something Red' pattern, again from Knit and tonic. It was a nice easy pattern with lots of instructions on modifying the cardigan.
Knitted in knitpicks Shine and with some modifications to the pattern. I lengthened the body and shortened the sleeves (thanks Billie and Fran for sleeve advice). Im not thrilled with the results - the fabric (sorry...fabrrrrrrrrrk) is rather heavy and floppy, I think I would prefer a tighter crisper knit. But it looks OK on and I will probably wear it. I am very pleased with the buttons however which were frightfully expensive but the perfect colour. I picked them up at Knitting Arts on my way out of the door after our knitting meetup.

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Anonymous said...

This looks great. And I like the skirt too.
Funny how the fabrrkk of the knitting is different with different wools; I realise it's not that mysterious but I am at a loss to judge how "stiff" the knitting will be by just looking at the yarn before I start.