Sunday, July 23, 2006


This photo was taken Saturday afternoon next to our back door. The thermometer is in the shade - but obviously not in a Stephenson screen. Anyway at about 6pm it read 116 degree, earlier in the day it peaked just below 120. When we went to bed about 10pm it was still 93. I dont think I ever remember it being so hot here - and according to the news channels its a record breaking weekend. I think the peak official temperature was 107.

In fact its too hot to do anything much other than hide out in the air conditioned house, or swim. This weekend Adam has learned to dive and also to swim a length of the pool underwater (it must be mentioned that a length of our pool is no great distance however). Here is an action shot...

And what else to do during a heatwave? Knit and wear some woolen socks of course. This is Nigel modelling his new socks...

The wool is Mountain Colors Bearfoot which is a mostly wool mixed with some nylon for wear and mohair for fuzziness. I really liked knitting with this wool - much more than the much-raved-over Koigu - it has a much softer hand.

The colour is called Thunderhead which really captures the purply blue grey colours - the photo is not such a good representation of the colour since while just about acceptable to try on wool socks - taking them outside for the photo would have been too cruel.

The pattern is a generic top-down plain sock - I didnt really make many changes apart from the adjustments in size and to make the toes less pointy ( sock patterns always seem to default to a pointy toe - no good for feet like ours).

I'm off to Vegas tomorrow - so probably limited blogging. I am however taking my new knitting project with me - and it's not socks!

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Anonymous said...

The colour of the socks looks fabulous. Very brave of Nigel to sport them, (Men: on the whole - nice).
It is hot here too but nothing like that... I had to endure 95 degrees at night in Baker (home of the world's tallest... etc) and that was torture even with air conditioning.

I am currently reknitting the sleeves of my turquoise cardigan in the garden, but have just been stung by a wasp so came indoors! Am now waiting for arm to swell like football as this is the kind of reaction I have come to expect from minor insect activity on my skin.
[Please tell George I went as I would have wanted - engaging in my favourite hobby.]

Now for a restoring cup of tea and slice of purely medicinal carrot cake (5 points).