Saturday, July 15, 2006

Instant gratification

This scarf is a feather and fan stitch knitted from some cashmere I scored from ebay. Its a rather vivid dark red shade and im planning to give this to our babysitter Meredith for her birthday which is in August.

I cast on during a particularly dull solutions assurance review and it was about 12" but Thursday night. Its now about 36" and close to completion. Its really a bit short, I had intended a long skinny scarf (partly because I only have 250 years of this wool), but I am hoping that "The Magic of Blocking" will work again and transform this rather mean looking scarf into an item of elegance and high fashion.

(Do you think I'm expecting too much of a soak and a stretch?).

In other news - it has been hot, so when not knitting, we're in the pool.

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