Monday, July 03, 2006

China Camp

We spent the weekend camping at China Camp State Park.

Its an abandoned Shrimp fishing 'village' on the north side of the San Francisco Bay. The campsite is what they call "walk in" which in this case meant haul your vast amount of heavy camping gear 400 yards to the site, but once there, enjoy the absence of traffic. Previous visitors are easily recognisable by their wagons - smart idea!

We remembered camping in Portola with Duncan, Penny, Thomas, and Elliot while we barbequeued steaks and opened a decent merlot. Of course we rounded off our meal with smores and ghost stories around the campfire (Yang the china camp ghost cat, Rocky the spectral raccoon!).

Sunday night was particularly quiet - we could only see one other tent from our site. We were visited by a deer on Sunday, in addition to the hoardes of raccons on Saturday night.

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