Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sewing and knitting

I actually made a clothe this weekend. On Tuesday morning, while the boys were happily playing, and I was listening to Agatha Raisin. Its a tried and tested old Vogue pattern and I made it in the liberty fabric that Christina sent me. I didnt line it and was concerned that the material might be too floppy - but it does not seem to be. Its cut on the bias - so although very simple in construction, it looks nicely fitted.

(Note to self - do not let Nigel take photos of me from Sofa thus highlighting chins).

I also progressed with my green cardi - however there is a not-so- subtle error which means I need to unpick the button band. In the progress of the short-row shaping on the back neck - I knitted back in my starting direction, thus making one side of the band 2 rows wider than the other.

Althogh Nigel thinks this is imperceptible, I am going to unpick it. I was not really pleased with the buttonholes either so its a good opportunity to fix them.

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Anonymous said...

The dress is really nice. And chins exaggerated. Not noticeable. However, good news is: when you lose the weight, the dress will still be nice. I am wearing my lilac version today (as I write this).
The cardi is really nice too - scrumptious colour.... Can't wait to see it finished.