Saturday, May 21, 2011

Collective cardigans

Is there a collective noun for one-button short-sleeved cardigans? If so, I need it since that seems to be what I'm knitting currently!

First up: Shalom cardigan by Meghan McFarlane. This is a free pattern that is made available in one-size, so I am adjusting the stitch counts based on other projects on Ravelry.

I'm knitting it in Rowan Cocoon which was a birthday present from Eileen.

Newest project: Silverbell Cardigan from the Classic Elite booklet "Magnolia". I saw this knitted as a sample at Bobbin's Nest on the 'field trip' that I made with Kerstin last weekend. It's a lovely yarn store with lots of samples - which I always like to see. They also have fabric and I bought some to make a dress.

The yarn is the Madeline Tosh Laceweight in Kelp that I bought at Imagiknit when Christina was visiting. I had planned to knit a whisper cardigan - but didn't like the knitted fabric so I frogged that project. I'm using the yarn held double to get gauge, which I don't usually like to do - but the yarn seems to be quite sticky and I'm not losing stitches as much as I thought I would. I'm really liking the knitted fabric and the colours are lovely and saturated.


yarnivorous said...

Silverbell looks cute. That blooklet has some nice patterns in it but Classic Elite doesn't come to Oz.
I knitted a Shalom for myself last year. I have actually worn it a few times - I don't often wear tops I've knitted as they itch me. Shalom sits far enough away from wrists/neck that it isn't a problem :-0

yarnivorous said...

PS I got spam at both my email addresses from your hotmail account. Getting the spam at one account I thought was just the trick thing but getting it at both of them made me suspicious. Has it been compromised?