Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Never one to be left out - Finlay has joined the cub scouts. Here is our newly minted Tiger cub in his brand new uniform:

The boys both went to a popcorn fundraiser outside Lunardis on Sunday so both were duly shined and polished. Adam has graduated to be a Bear Cub this year and was keen to show his little brother the ropes. Here they are demonstrating the cub scout salute.

*Do Your best - but cubs and scouts in the USA don't appear to say this.

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Christina said...

dyb dyb dyb dob dob dob was very much a cub thing I think.
Maybe they don't do it in the UK any more?
As a child, I remember being in the Scout Hall for some reason (waiting for a parent who was there on Adult Business) while a Cub meeting started and I was utterly mystified by their opening rituals - and I was truly frightened by the vigour of their games! Our Brownie meetings were distinctly lady-like in comparison - I seem to think we sang little songs ("this is what we do as Elves: think of others not ourselves" etc) - none of this leaping about and chanting mysterious acronyms.