Friday, September 18, 2009

A busy week chez Ferretworld

After what seemed like a slow week on the house, this week has been eventful! We had the first inspection at noon on Wednesday, by 2pm this was parked in the street:

I was astonished that we had 3 concrete mixers full of concrete in this relatively small extension, and that the activity was so frenetic. The concrete supplier told us that 2 years ago he was doing 2-3 projects a day, now he is pleased to get one a week!

The contractor was filling the footings with thicker concrete, then adjusted the mix for more runny concrete to fill the forms. Runnier concrete goes around the re-bar easier, with fewer airpockets, and leaves a smoother finish on the exposed part of the foundation. The tall pipes in the foreground are the vents for the new plumbing in the utility room, the plumber was using the pipes to test for leaks before the plumbing gets encased in the concrete floor!

Yesterday the forms came off and we have foundations! You can really feel what the new layout will be like, and we walked around the 'rooms' last night fantasizing about how we will furnish them!

Monday should see the lumber delivery - so we move into a new phase of construction.

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