Friday, May 01, 2009

More socks

The latest round of socks...

Here are a pair of Cookie A's Monkey socks. I've knitted the pattern previously, but the old socks felted in the wash and I think no sock wardrobe is complete without a pair of Monkey socks (I dont know if it's the most popular sock pattern but it certainly feels like it).

The yarn is some unidentified wool I bought from Green Planet Yarn in Campbell. I lost the label so I'm hoping it is superwash. I think it's likely as these days I really don't buy handwash sock yarn any more...I am happy to handwash problem is remembering which socks require handwashing...hence the felting problem!

The socks below are for Adam - shorty socks as usual for him. My usual pattern knitted over 54 stitches.

The yarn is Pagewood mills merino superwash in Denim, left over from Nigel's similar short socks. This I know washes beautifully and retains its drape after several washes. That makes it worth while knitting the yarn which was rather splitty. Adam is most pleased that he and Nigel have matching socks.

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Christina said...

They look great - love the colour of the monkey socks.
I always run my socks and other woollens through the wool wash cycle on the machine - but of course it never gets the soles looking clean - apart from anything else they get dye rubbing off from shoes. But I have knitted a lot of socks (including monkey) from vintage wools which I know to my cost will felt.
...but do socks really have 'drape'?? :o)