Thursday, April 30, 2009

I left my heart (again)...

..I think you all know the lyrics.

My parents minded the boys for a weekend while Nigel and I spent a child-free weekend in San Francsico. As usual we did not do a whole lot. We walked to the Coit Tower and enjoyed the view, then walked down the steps to the Embarcadero.

I like the photo below as it shows how steep Telegraph Hill is. While we were walking down we met a US Census agent preparing for the 2010 (I think) Census. She was trying to reconcile postal addresses with the 'street' address...not an easy job in that area I should think.

We stayed at the Serrano Hotel which was great. Our suite had this view from one of the windows...we could see the cable car crossing on California, especially at night.

We ate one night at the hotel's restaurant Ponzu which we enjoyed and returned home on Sunday refreshed, revitalised and looking forward to seeing the boys! We visited during a record-breaking heatwave in California so it was pretty warm in the city, and nice to get home to the open for the season.

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