Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bags of Bags

Having seen some lovely box bags for sale on, I decided it would be a fun project to try.

Last week when I got the sewing machine out last week to patch 4 pairs of jeans, was as good a time as any. I thought this would be a quick hour or so, but actually making 2 bags took me several hours!

I used this tutorial and materials I had on hand. I got out my old cutting mat and rotary cutter as accurate cutting is essential to the success of this pattern. The denim is left over from shortening Adam's bedroom curtains.

This Hello Kitty fabric is practically an heirloom: I bought it in France when I was a student (so we are talking more than 25 years ago now), long before HK stuff was widespread, and it was so expensive I only bought 0.5 of a Meter.

I'm very pleased with the finished item:

especially it's cute lining!

I'm using these little bags (because I also made a green one - not shown) for my collection of double-point-needles and knitting notions.


alce said...

Wow! Well done with the zipper.

I have to get me a rotary cutter one of these days.

Lori said...

Good job! And what a great way to use left-overs and "vintage" fabrics.