Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's day in the US was celebrated on Sunday. As the boys get older they are more involved in planning and executing my 'treats'.

In the picture I am unwrapping the gifts that they had made at school (ceramic mobile, and plaque) with my special breakfast on the tray.

They had prepared the breakfast themselves (fresh-squeezed orange juice, strawberries, and a cinnamon roll) while Nigel made the tea. They had also arranged a vase of flowers for me. It's so nice to see them growing into thoughtful little lads!

In the afternoon I had a ticket for the ballet, and Finlay asked if he could come with me so we both went to see the Ballet San Jose performance of Song and Dance.

We stayed only for the first part of the performance: Puccini songs, which we both really enjoyed. This was Finlay's first experience of 'grown-up' ballet having really enjoyed the Nutcracker at Christmas. We had talked about the ballets being little stories and Finlay was keen to tell me his version of the story. He also demonstrated some ballet on our return - however I'm not signing him up for the ballet school just yet ;-)

Skipping out on the second part of the program gave me an afternoon to lounge about the pool reading, while Nigel throw some steak on the barbie, and the boys played nicely. Apparently my request for the gift of "no fighting" was taken seriously.


yarnivorous said...

And isn't that the best gift - your kids not fighting for a day! Hooray! :-)

Patty said...

Excuse this random and unknown person commenting ... I just wanted to say I love seeing that you took your son to the ballet!

I happened on your blog because of the ballet comment -- google sends me alerts for blog entries that contain the words "Ballet San Jose". 8-)

When they have an orchestra I'm frequently in the pit ... feel free to come down and say hello and I'll show your boy(s) my instruments! I play oboe and English horn there unless it conflicts with Opera San José.


Jasmine said...

It's always great to read your blog. Glad to hear you had a good mother's day. Wish I see you more at meetup.