Thursday, April 23, 2009


While we have had visitors my knitting has focussed on socks... As well as a secret pair for my dad in Dream in Color Smooshy (no picture) Finlay received another pair of socks.

In Kaffe Fasset's colours for Regia, these are the 6-ply sock yarn. Basic recipe as usual. I also knitted a short pair for Nigel from Tess's designer yarn. This is yarn that I particularly dislike for it's colour bleeding issues, but love for it's longevity!

The usual pattern - knitted short for summer.

I also repaired Finlay's celtic socks. I noticed that they were very short and realized they had felted and shrunk so I cut off the toes, picked up the stitches again (which was very painful as they had felted - but I used a darning needle which worked OK), and knitted the toe again 2" longer. I was disproportionally pleased with myself.

There were other socks too - but I have not yet taken picures so will need to wait for another post.

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Christina said...

I am disproportionately pleased with you too. Perhaps, unlike others reading this, I know this is just the sort of thing (fiddling) you don't usually do. Hurrah - hand-knitted socks are made for fixing.
[I, on the other hand, am the woman who spends her time sawing up odd knitting needles to make a pair....]
Back to you - the new socks look wonderful too. Can't wait to see the others.