Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where in the world...part two

A photo-heavy post from our spring break trip.

We were, of course, in lovely San Diego. This lovely couple are part of a series of sculptures and other public artwork depicting San Diego's role as a wartime naval base.

The boys definitely took the vacation business seriously. This is the outfit Finlay planned to travel in - but decided to save it for the proper holiday.

We went here of course, however I think we were all a little disappointed with SeaWorld. We were expecting more aquarium than theme park...but we all enjoyed the Shamu show.

What we really enjoyed was visting some of the ships in the harbour. We spent a long time on the USS Midway - Finlay's favourite part = the brig! Here they are in a plane cabin on the mid-deck.

We also spent a day at the Maritime Museum visiting the Foxtrot class submarine, the Star of India Clipper, and the HMS Surprise which is a replica of HMS Rose that was used in the Master and Commander movie. Since I have an abiding interest in the maritime novels of Patrick O'Brien, and the boys have heard a great deal about Napoleonic-era naval warfare, we all enjoyed the visit.
We also took a harbour tour on a 1914 pilot boat which was excellent. If anyone plans to visit San Diego the Maritime Museum and harbour tour is excellent value as well as excellent.

Finally we made some time for this:

An excellent vacation!

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alce said...

I loved visiting San Diego with my family a few years ago. I hope you also had some great Mexican food!