Wednesday, June 04, 2008


A favourite local restaurant makes and serves their own home-made limoncello. It's a far step from the typically sweet store bought version.

Last time we ate there my mother asked them for the recipe which they happily shared. We went home and harvested some meyer lemons from our tree and started a batch.

Last week I finished it (it requires 2 weeks of soaking lemon peel in alcohol to extract the lemon oil flavour).

It tastes pretty good, and has a nice, not-too-sweet lemon flavour. My version has a very slight bitterness which I think is due to including too much peel rather than zest - but it's hardly discernable and won't stop me drinking it. I'm just makeing a note for next time I make it!!

I took this photo without noticing how messy my kitchen looks!


Ben said...

Did the recipe they gave you specify meyer lemons?

Anonymous said...


Alison said...

Meyer lemons were not specified - but that is what he have in the garden!

Since they are typically sweet lemons I think they would be a good choice if you have a choice.